“Colonel” Harland Sander’s KFC White Suite Sold at Auction

While second-hand clothing does not seem appropriate for the president of a huge company, “Colonel” Harland Sander’s iconic white suite may just be the perfect attire for Masao “Charlie” Watanabe, President of KFC, Japan.

The company founder’strademark suite was recently offered by Heritage Auctions together with other Sanders memorabilia, and their buyer was extremely proud of his purchase. Right after winning the lot, Charlie hurried to try on the jacket and took pictures with it smiling very satisfied.

The suite cost him $21,510, but he also spent $1,912 on Sander’s Kentucky driver’s license from 1973. While we are happy for him for winning the bidding contest against the competition, we hope he will choose not to wear the legendary suite but rather keep it somewhere safe and only show it off to friends and visitors.

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