The Most Collapsible Bike In The World Is the Sada Bike

Bicycles might represent the world’s cheapest and easiest means of transportation, but due to their usual weight, size and shape, they are quite difficult to carry around when you’re not riding them. Foldable bikes are definitely an improvement in this regard, but they are also limited to some degree by rigid spokes, which are needed in order to keep the wheels round and sturdy. Or are they?

As far as foldable bicycles are concerned, spokes might soon become a thing of history thanks to innovative projects such as the Sada Bike. This functional prototype can be folded in the blink of an eye and can be carried easily in backpacks or in travel bags even though it runs on standard 26” wheels. As with many other “groundbreaking” solutions to simple problems, the genius of the Sada Bike’s design is found in its simplicity.



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