Cloning Company in Korea Can Bring Your Dog Back to Life

It’s always hard to part with a friend, and sometimes a pet can be the best friend ever. So if you are not ready to say goodbye to your dog, My Friend Again is a company that can make sure you don’t have to – ever. No, they did not find the secret to immortality, instead they use advanced technologies to clone dogs and give them back to their owners in a new body.

All for a steep price, of course. The Korean company can revive your pet for $100,000, but nobody can really put a price on friendship. If you decide you want your four-legged companion brought back to you after its passing, all you need to do is order your biopsy kit and take a sample of its best cells (with help from a veterinarian) while he is still alive and well. Then you send the kit back to Korea where the cells will be carefully stored in a liquid nitrogen cooled container.

Storing the tissue costs $100 per year, and after your dog passes away, you can call the company and ask them to “make” you a new one. The cloning process takes approximately six months, and then the pet will have to stay under close supervision for another two months or so before it can be sent to your loving arms. As far as the dog’s personality is concerned, experts say that it really all depends on you and the environment in which it is raised. If you do the same things that you did with its former self, everythingis bound to turn out excellently.