Clas Ohlson’s Luxury Home for Birds

According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, some of the best loved species of birds are declining in the UK at a quite alarming pace. One thing that people can do about this is to make their gardens and back yards more bird-friendly by installing bird feeders, bird houses and even special places where the little feathered animals can bathe.

If you want to play your part in saving the birds, Swedish home ware company ClasOhlson has got a very interesting solution for you. A two-story luxury bird house, one that looks nothing like the boxes that we usually see mounted on threes.Inspired by the comforts of a plush residence for people, the miniature house comes with quite a few unexpected amenities.

These include a large swimming pool from where birds can bathe or quench their thirst, an open living room that seamlessly becomes an outdoor lawn with exterior furniture, and a bird feeder in the kitchen. The house is fully furnished and even features an alarm system that announces the birds when a predator is approaching. Modern floating stairs lead towards the upper level, where the dwellers can enjoy a little rest in a protective environment.

If you want one of these awesome mansions for birds in your garden just access the company’s Facebook page and download your blueprints for free!

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