Christopher Ward C70 DBR1 Chronometer with Aston Martin DNA

When you look at the story behind this awesome timepiece, you kind of get the feeling that the Universe has been plotting its existence since 1959. English watchmaker Christopher Ward was looking for a special way in which to celebrate Aston Martin’s 100th anniversary, when TMBArtMetal showed them an authentic piece of aluminum extracted directly from the second most expensive car ever, the DBR1/2 which won the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1959.

Connoisseurs will immediately understand the importance of all this. The said DBR1/2 represents an extremely significant piece of automotive history, and the British automaker’s best achievement ever on the track. Not long ago, the carefully restored car fetched a whopping £20 million ($31 million) at auction. After restoration a few original parts remained behind, and Christopher Ward was lucky enough to receive one.

The historic piece of aluminum was prepared for integration in a new limited edition version of the already very successful C70 DBR1 Chronometer, whose original creation was inspired exactly by the 1959 Le Mans race. The automotive metal was cut into 100 medallions that were then integrated into the watches’ back-plates and covered with sapphire crystals. They all feature the racer’s lucky number 5.

Also evoking the legendary car, the dial and bezel flaunt a British racing greenhue. And finally, for a little more vintage appeal, the strap was made of perforated brown leather. The result?Perfection. Quite surprisingly, each of the 100 units will be priced at only £1,950 ($3,000).