Christie’s New York Gets Ready to Sell Playboy Art

Part of the vast Playboy art collection will be put up for ‘The Year of the Rabbit’ auction in  New York at the beginning of December. Among the 125 items that will be there at Christie’s, there is an early Brigitte Bardot photo, pop artist Tom Wesselmann’s “Mouth No. 8” oil painting (which will probably fetch $2 million to $3 million), and a 1970 portrait of Hugh Hefner with his pipe and jacket.

Christies New York Gets Ready to Sell Playboy Art

Everybody knows that famous Pamela Anderson only became famous after appearing on the shiny pages of Playboy in 1989. But she is not the only sex symbol to have started her career like this. Pictures of her and other beautiful women like her are also par of the collection that will be sold on December 8.

The collection contains 80 photographs, many of which also appeared in Playboy, 24 cartoons, and many contemporary art works. The original Playboy collection however is much more impressive, with more than 2 million photographs, and over 5,000 artworks.

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