Check Out This Expensive Vodka By Kors Vodka!

The Kors Vodka brand has been in the business of creating expensive and exquisite spirits for 100 years now, and in order to celebrate its anniversary, the firm has launched a special Corporate Gift Service for its faithful clients. Basically, customers can now purchase one of three limited edition Kors Vodka bottles that cost between $12,500 and $24,500. What makes this beverage particularly special is the fact that it is made using a diamond distillation process that includes water sourced from the Italian Alps.

The handmade crystal bottles that store this special drink are masterpieces in their own right thanks to their exquisite golden detailing. The bottles are presented to their owners in walnut wooden boxes, and they are enveloped in Persian silk. Clients can choose to customize the bottles with unique engravings, and a purchase ensures a free membership to the Kors Vodka Private VIP Membership Club.

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