Check Out This Cool Predator Berserker Helmet!

Most modern motorcycle helmets look cool by default, but the Predator Berserker could give any of them a run for their money. This somewhat frightening-looking motorcycle helmet is based on a HJC TR-1 model, which means that it also ensures top-notch protection apart from unique looks. Created by NLO-MOTO, this awesome product boasts 17 thick dreads made out of foamed rubber, which enables it to look very similar to Predator’s own headgear.

Cool Predator Berserker Helmet

Those of you who really want to scare away other traffic participants will probably want to equip their helmets with various Fangs of Predator, which come in seven different models. “Authentic” scars and up to three symbol columns can also be added at the buyer’s request. As far as paint jobs are concerned, there are nine of them in total, which is definitely a respectable number.

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