Check Out These Titanium And Gold Camera Lenses!

High-quality cameras are expensive but they don’t necessarily look luxurious, which is why some owners try their best to bling them out by purchasing special lenses, straps or holders. Meyer-Optik-Göerlitz is offering a limited edition pair of Trioplan 100mm f/2.8 lenses created using luxurious materials such as gold and titanium. The Titanium variant will cost $2,500, while the Golden Eye version will set you back $3,500. And just in case you’d want to buy this product in its standard form, you’d still have to pay $1,500, which is definitely not cheap.

Titanium And Gold Camera Lenses (4)

The Titanium and Golden Eye editions were created in order to mark the 100th anniversary of Trioplan lenses, which is why the Titanium variant will be limited to 100 units. As far as the gold lenses are concerned, they will be limited to just 10 examples, which will make them incredibly exclusive and sought after.

Titanium And Gold Camera Lenses (1)Titanium And Gold Camera Lenses (2)Titanium And Gold Camera Lenses (3)

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