Check Out The Casio Master of G In Vintage Gold!

If you ever wanted to see the Casio G-Shock Master of G series in a retro-looking gold colorway, then you’ll definitely appreciate the brand new Gulfmaster model (GN1000GB-1A) and Mudmaster model (GG1000GB-1A), both of which boast a rugged yet stylish look that’s impossible to ignore. The Mudmaster is perfectly suited for extreme conditions, which makes it ideal for those of you who travel a lot or practice extreme sports.

Check Out The Casio Master of G In Vintage Gold (2)

Both versions include Twin Sensor technology as well as measurements for the temperature, a compass bearing, shock resistance, auto LEDs, 5 daily alarms, an auto calendar, world time across 31 time zones, a stopwatch and a water resistance of 656 feet. As for the gold layers, they were designed specifically to look like they have been worn out by time, with the Gulfmaster’s bezel flaunting a look similar to that of a weather-bitten porthole of a ship, while the Mudmaster resembles tools that have been used to mine the earth.

Check Out The Casio Master of G In Vintage Gold (1)

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