Chat Delices – Gourmet Dining for Cats by Chef Simon Rimmer

Simon Rimmer, the UK celebrity chef who makes people drool on a regular basis during his TV shows, has recently created the world’s first luxury gourmet dish for cats. He actually cooked and tastefully decorated 50 luxe dishes under the name Chat Delices as part of a charity event that raised money for RSPCA.

While most cat owners are very careful to meet their pets’ all nutritional needs, it is not yet a common thing for them to pay £24.99 for one cat serving. Quite interestingly, though, all 50 dishes were sold in less than an hour to some very enthusiastic cat lovers, who were happy to give their furry friends a memorable “once-in-nine-lifetimes” experience.

In order to make sure that the meals were nutritionally balanced and 100% safe for cats, Rimmer worked in close collaboration with animal experts, including vet Joe Inglis. Some of the ingredients used for these special dishes were roasted duck, lobster and avocado sushi, beluga caviar and beetroot jelly.

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