Charter a Catamaran & Crew for the Ultimate Floating Holiday

If you like to holiday with a group of friends and you fancy something a little different, you can charter a crewed catamaran and enjoy an idyllic couple of weeks cruising in the Andaman Sea, off the South of Thailand. Yacht charter really does give you the freedom and independence to plan every detail of your floating holiday, which includes planning the route, the menu and those special places that only the skipper knows about.

Phuket, Thailand

If you make your booking with an established outfit like Simpson Yacht Charter, you can board the vessel in Phuket, as the local airport receives international flights, and a couple of nights in a resort before meeting your catamaran allows you to spend some time enjoying the Phuket beach nightlife before exploring the wonders of the Andaman Sea. If you are a scuba diving or snorkelling enthusiast, this is the opportunity of a lifetime – you can be swimming with Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and Dolphins – while enjoying the amazing coral that can be found around the tiny exotic islands.

Lagoon Catamarans

These are ideal for cruising, with a stable wide double hull, ranging from 40-80ft vessels, with spacious cabins, and a host of water-sport devices including kayaks, plus a nice area of deck for soaking up the sun. If your sea legs are a little unsteady, a catamaran is the perfect choice, as it is one the most stable sea-going vessels, and it can moor in shallow waters when you want to snorkel the reef. Here are a few essential items to pack on your luxury yacht cruise, which is useful to know.

Shared Costs

If you were thinking that yacht charter is out of your budget range, think again, as when shared among 6-8 people. It is actually a very affordable way to spend your holiday. Aside from your flights, practically everything else is included in the charter price, and with a wide range of luxury yachts, the charter firm can accommodate 15-20 people if you can form a large group.

Professional Crew

The skipper and crew have two main goals, the keep you safe and to facilitate the perfect holiday experience, and with you in control over where you go and how long you stay, you have an unprecedented level of freedom and independence. As the skipper has an intimate knowledge of the region, he can recommend some unique locations that are off the beaten track, and not usually visited by tourists. Click here for updates from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, where you can read about local festivals and other tourism events happening in 2020.

Online Solutions

You can source a top yacht charter company with a Google search, and after some browsing, you can book your dates on the vessel of your choice. There is a comprehensive Q&A section on their website and you can chat with a staff member via the website chat feature, and you can discuss routes and vessel sizes with the expert.

Once booked, the company would send you a list of items to prepare, plus they would likely assist you with visas, and when your plane lands in tropical Phuket, your luxury catamaran will be moored, fully stocked, ready to sail off into the sunrise.

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