Chapman Freeborn’s Exemplary Private Jet Charter Services

When it comes to private jet  services, few companies can hope to rival the expertise and professionalism of Chapman Freeborn. Ever since it began its activity in 1973, this firm has been rapidly evolving and building a reputation as one of the most prestigious and reliable companies in the air charter field, which is why it now enjoys vast global popularity and appreciation.

Chapman Freeborn maintains a fleet of state-of-the-art private jets, helicopters and VIP aircraft that are able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes regarding comfort and efficiency. Whether we’re talking about band tours, movie promos, diplomatic, presidential or executive travel services, it’s safe to say that Chapman Freeborn’s experts are always prepared to meet and surpass all expectations.

The company’s private jet fleet includes 4 main aircraft types. The light private jets are suited for 4 to 6 passengers, and they are typically used for short distances of up to 2000 miles. The midsize private jets are able to accommodate between 5 and 8 passengers and are used to cover distances of up to 4000 miles, while the heavy private jets can house up to 16 passengers in utmost comfort while carrying them across vast distances of 7000 miles. However, nothing compares to the sheer luxury that can be found within the VIP airliners, which boast their own master bedrooms, shower rooms and conference areas.

Last but not least, we have to mention Chapman Freeborn’s tight bond with the entertainment industry. The company’s VIP on demand charter team collaborates extensively with the travel agents and tour managers of some of the world’s most appreciated solo artists and bands in order to ensure the highest quality jet charter or publicity services.