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Considered for many years as one of the most prestigious ski resorts of the Alps, Val Thorens however has lacked for long a comfortable chalet able to welcome visitors. That problem doesn’t exist anymore today. Spread over a living space of 1,200 m2, the Chalet La datcha Val thorens is henceforth present at the level of the ski resort and features tremendous accommodation. Discover the Chalet La datcha Val thorens in this article and book now.

Description of the chalet

The La datcha Val Thorens chalet features five suites which each have two or three rooms. Two main entrances help reach the ski resort, the first via the garage at the level of the first floor whereas the second is on the other floor, which is the major living level.

Fitted with 8 bedrooms accommodating up to 15 guests, the chalet provides a spacious environment, where you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed. People looking for a rental at the level of the ski resort can lean on the Home Booker of Val Thorens to find one.

The Chalet la datcha Val thorens’ suites are located upon the upper floors and boast an amazing view of the mountain tops. All rooms have, each, a balcony that faces the south as well as a bathroom. This breathtaking property matches a high standard of service.

Leisure time

The chalet provides an activity room specifically for kids, an amusement arcade containing sim racing and football equipment, a gym, as well as two cinemas.

Those who are fond of golf have the opportunity to make use of state-of-the-art TrackMan 4 simulator. The La Datcha Val Thorens chalet gives you the possibility to take advantage of a large selection of activities you’ll choose from. As well, the chalet’s library and business centre will be at your disposal. There is a cigar room for cigar lovers.

As the resort’s professionals understand that having good holidays means enjoying a wide range of leisure activities, they make satisfying your needs their top priority.

They will be delighted to offer you golf clubs, footwear, balls as well as any other equipment likely to be needed.

Outdoor activities

Val Thorens appears to be the highest ski resort in Europe. The latter lies at the core of the Three Valleys, which is the largest ski area on earth, and provides 600 km of ski trails, 169 lifts, 2,100 snow cannons and 321 pistes. The snow cannons offer artificial snow cover for compensation of the natural snow which is scarce.

For people who are ski beginners, the Val Thorens selects experienced ski instructors who will brilliantly help them know the basics of skiing within a couple of days.

In case you feel eager to spend a night out, the resort puts at your disposal amazing restaurants, bars and clubs.


In the La Datcha Val Thorens chalet’s spa centre, you have the possibility to swim in the pool, visit a sauna or relax at the level of a whirpool. A masseur and beautician present there will help you identify your expectations and thereafter tailor accordingly the procedures.

How to get to the Val Thorens?

Val Thorens proves to be a resort surrounded by airports. The team present there will welcome you at the airports of Lyon, Geneva, Grenoble or Chambery. You just need to let people know actually which airport you’re arriving at.

It will take between thirty minutes and two and a half hours to get to the chalet depending on the traffic and your arrival’s airport. A private driver is available twelve hours a day during the whole stay.

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