CES 2011 Luxury Gadgets

CES 2011 Luxury Gadgets

This year the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow took place between January 6-9. After the event ended, the conclusion was this: 2011 CES (which stands for Consumer  Electronic Show) has been a tremendous success. For all you gadget geeks out there, here are the ten most amazing luxury gadgets of CES 2011.

1. Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

A 17-inch vertical touchscreen display has found its place on the center console of Tesla’s electric vehicle. The gadget features the Tegra processor from Nvidia.

2. Sound Egg Chair

Sound Egg Chair

The highly customizable surround Sound Egg Chair has got more than one configuration. Some of them include connected HD TVs and HDMI and RCA-out connectivity. You can choose from 11 different colors and shell options. The latest Egg model includes a 5.1 amplifier.

3.  Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Samsung and Microsoft have joined forces to create the amazing new Microsoft Surface. They called it the Samsung SUR40, and it is a 4 inches thin screen that can be set vertically on a wall, or horizontally, like  a table. The 40-inch, 1080p surface works perfectly, thanks to the 2.9 GHz AMD Athlon II X2 processor.

4. Soul by Ludacris Headphones

Soul by Ludacris Headphones 1Soul by Ludacris Headphones

As the name suggests, Signeo USA created these HD headphones in collaboration with famous rapper and actor, Ludacris. They come in different shapes and colors, but the quality of their sound is impeccable regardless of their appearance. You can choose one of the three on-ear models, or you can pick one of the two in-ear versions.

5. House of Marley iPhone/iPod Dock

House of Marley iPhone - iPod Dock

Flaunting a  sleek FSC-certified wood, the  House of Marley iPhone/iPod Dock delivers a prefect sound that will definitely please your years. It has a remote control that can be used from any room of the house, thanks to the AirPlay technology the speaker dock features.

6. Samsung RF4289 Internet Connected Refrigerator

RF4289 Internet Connected Refrigerator

Samsung has brought the world even closer to you with the RF4289 refrigerator. On its French Door, the appliance features a 8-inch LCD screen that offers you access to Internet even while in the kitchen. Expect this gadget to hit the market later this year.

7. 50 Cent Platinum Headphones

50 Cent Platinum Headphones

Ludacris is not the only one to team up with specialists in order to create unique editions of  headphones. 50 Cent and Sleek Audio have also impressed at the CES 2011 with their wire and wireless versions of the new headpiece.

8.  Miniwiz’s  Peanut iPad Dock

Miniwiz’s  Peanut iPad Dock

The highly versatile iPad dock from Miniwiz is not only a very modern-looking entertainment system, but it can also be disassembled and used as a chair. All six layers of pressed wood are completely detachable.

9. TDK’s 3 Speaker Boombox

TDK’s 3 Speaker Boombox

The retro iPod boombox from TDK has got a 6-inch subwoofer drive and two 6-inch speakers. It can read any MP3 player, smartphone, or iPod.

10. GL20 Camera Glasses

GL20 Camera GlassesGL20 Camera Glasses

Lady Gaga  and Polaroid have joined forces to create the GL20 Camera Glasses, which feature two OLED screens and an incorporated camera that can instantly capture photos and then show them on the LCD screens of the glasses for others to look at them. The glasses come with an SD memory card slot.