Century’s Fabulous Wings of Time Pendant Watch

Century, the Swiss manufacturer of “time gems”, has recently unveiled the exquisite Wings of Time pendant watch, a delicate jewelry crafted with passion for perfection. With this creation, Century has once again taken things beyond imagination: it is a precious golden bird’s cage with a tiny, delicate bird clearly visible through a Century sapphire. Inside this luxe cage there is a small timepiece that can be pulled out to check the hour.

Another dazzling Century creation is the Mogul Alexandrite luxury watch for ladies, a timepiece that is almost a standalone jewel. Its most alluring feature is the fabulous hand-crafted Century sapphire case, with 192 facets that bounce every ray of light in unexpected ways. Diamonds decorate the dial and the claw that connects the case to the strap.

Both the Wings of Time and the Mogul Alexandrite are available in 18-carat red and white gold. They would make a perfect gift for a sophisticated lady.



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