Cell Phones Contribute to Wildlife Conservation

Cell phones continue to evolve at a rapid pace, giving us access and control to things that seemed like a pipe dream even as recently as five years ago. Being able to do just about anything you can think of on your cell phone means greater possibilities than ever before when it comes to making a positive impact on the world around us.

There are many alternative carriers now available that provide cell phones at a far more affordable rate than ever before. That means a greater level of access to information for people of all races, ages, and financial ranges.

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Even better, cell phones are now being used in proactive ways to help the environment, namely protecting wildlife and farms from dangers that had been previously unmanageable.

Protecting Farms and Wildlife

Using GPS technology through cell phones, farmers and wildlife conservations are able to track where the animals are or set up perimeter alerts that go off when the animals are in an area they shouldn’t be in.

For farmers, this can mean the difference between a simple annoyance and destroyed crops. There are wildlife preserves that use that same GPS technology to monitor threats to the animals or the animals themselves.

There are even companies that use bar code technology to help preserve rainforests from illegal logging. The loggers use a stamped bar code on the trees that they fell and scan them using their cell phones to upload it to a centralized database. If any tree arrives that doesn’t have a tracked bar code, it is considered to be illegal and penalties will ensue to ensure that those illegal logging habits are not consistent.

Wildlife foundations can also use apps through cell phone technology to provide more information and solicit donations for their cause. Alerts can be sent to the user when they sign up, providing them with information about the animal in question and the call to action to sign up.

This can have a substantial impact on funding wildlife foundations that use those funds to create or maintain habitats to keep the animals safe and in simulated natural environments. That can go a long way when it comes to protecting and preserving endangered species that need funding to continue the efforts.

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