Cathay Pacific’sNew First Class Cabins by Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners is an award winning architecture and design practice based in London. It is famous for its innovative spirit that dictates all its projects, be them workplaces, cultural and civic buildings, airports, urban master plans, private homes or public infrastructure. One of its latest deeds is the renovation of the first class cabins of Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777-300ER fleet.

This was a first for the British specialists, as they had never done the interiors of commercial aircraft before. The source of inspiration for the project was another refurbishment that they had completed for the Chinese airline, called The Wing. It was a luxury lounge renovation which saw the introduction of high-quality materials, plush finishes and beautiful custom furnishings.

In order to ensure a seamless transition from the lounge to the aircraft, Foster + Partners used the same color and material palette that they had used for the previous jobin the aircraft’s interiors. Every detail was examined and altered to perfectly integrate into the new design concept: the extra comfortable seats with custom stitching, the luxe bathrooms, the handmade woolen carpet, and even the reading light, which has been adjusted to shed fewer shadows. See more in the gallery below.