Cartier Unveils the ID Two Concept Watch

Back in 2009, the renowned luxury jewel and watchmaker unveiled something truly outstanding, a breakthrough concept timepiece called the Cartier ID One. What set this piece of fine machinery apart from everything else was the fact that it needed no lubrication and no adjustments of any sort. It was the first watch to withstand temperature changes, magnetic fields and shocks without any need for maintenance.

In 2012, a few years after the launch of ID One, Cartier pulls out another adorable bunny from the hat. This new breakthrough timepiece is known as ID Two, and its main innovation is an advanced power saving mechanisms. Traditional watches lose about 75% of their energy, and everybody seems to be ok with that. Cartier, however, decided to take action and change these numbers. ID Two is the world’s first high-efficiency wristwatch, with a remarkable energy consumption that is lowered by 50% (as compared to traditional mechanical watches).

This achievement was possible thanks to the watchmaker’s Research and Development team, who managed to find innovative ways to address three key challenges: storing maximum energy, minimizing the oscillator’s consumption, and maximizing the energy that is transmitted from the barrels to the oscillator. And of course, complementing the breakthrough technology is an irresistible new design for men with style.

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