Cars to Drive in a Lifetime: The Munster Koach

Munster Koach (5)

The Munster Koach was a spectacular automotive creation commissioned for the successful American television sitcom of the ‘60s, “The Munsters”. The designer of the vehicle was Tom Daniel and the main builder was Dick Dean, but the man with the money for the wild project was George Barris.

Built on a custom chassis, the Munster Koach had a 133-inch long wheelbase and a total of six doors. The body was made from three Model T replica bodies and the engine was a tweaked 289 Ford with 8 Stromberg carburetors and individual intake ram pipes. For a more beasty look, the car also received front and side mounted coach lamps, a brass radiator shell and spider-web-motif pinstriping. The monster car was featured in over 20 episodes of the two-year-long series and it was an instant success right from its first TV apparition.

With 350 horsepower, the Munster Koach needed 15 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph (we are talking about a really big car here!), but nobody knows exactly what its top speed was.

  • Claim to fame: It was one of the stars of the famous The Munsters sitcom and it still draws a crowd today wherever it is displayed.
  • Soundtrack: The Munsters series soundtrack, obviously!
  • Ideal Passenger: Any member of the Munster family, but probably Pat Priest (who played Marilyn) will be most men’s first choice.
  • Did You Know? In one episode, the Koach raced the Drag-u-la, the vehicle that was specially created for the Grandpa character.