Cars to Drive in a Lifetime: Alfa Romeo Montreal

When this baby was born, most Alfa Romeos featured four- and six-cylinder engines, making this 2.6-liter V8-powered model that more special. The engine evolved directly from Alfa Romeo’s 2.0-liter racing engine of the time and the car’s design was a faithful representation of the concept that the automaker and Bertone presented at the 1967 World’s Fair in Montreal – thus the name.

The V8 GT coupe was like a smaller-scale Maserati Ghibli or Ferrari Daytona. With 230 horsepower, a new example cost some $9,000 back when it was produced (between 1971 and 1977). Its value now has grown to approximately $20,000-$25,000, which is not to much actually.

  • Claim to Fame: Its name is inspired by the beautiful Canadian city.
  • Where to Drive It: Somewhere on the roads of Montreal, of course.
  • How to Get Behind the Wheel: Try the Alfa club scene, you might get lucky.
  • Did You Know? While the lights are fixed, the eyelids over the headlights are retractable.

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