Cardok Underground Garage for the Rich

Cardok is a really cool alternative to conventional parking. It’s a perfectly camouflaged garage that only you will know it’s there, right under the beautiful lawn of your front courtyard. Seemingly inspired by spy movies, this advanced system can take your precious ride below ground and keep it safe in a cozy environment.

The basic Cardok Mono version is made for a single vehicle, with a custom cover that blends seamlessly with the surroundings when lowered. If you have more than one car, you can opt for the Cardok Multi version, which can hold as many as four vehicles at a time. This variant also comes with the option of creating underground access to the car directly from the house.

The company ensures bespoke installations to all its clients. Possibilities are endless and satisfaction is always guaranteed. All you need is around $50,000 and you can get your very own luxury setup like the ones in the pictures.