Carbon Fiber Men’s Shoes from Gucci

Lightweight and resistant. These are carbon fiber’s main qualities and this is exactly what made the material so popular among designers and high end customers. Whether it’s a supercar, a yacht, a bike or a writing instrument, carbon fiber can make any creation much more appealing. Knowing this, Gucci has come up with a rather surprising combination of materials in their GG Plus Moccasins for men.

The luxury shoes are available in beige/ebony and feature dark brown leather trims, with a decorative cut out G detail on the front. The soles are made of rubber, but the heels are carbon fiber. You can find these stylish shoes in different stores like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman at $425.

Be sure that you’ll be buying more than very fashionable, high quality footwear: you’ll actually get yourself a very nice conversation piece to wear on your feet!Carbon Fiber Men’s Shoes from Gucci



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