Carbon Fiber Luxury Bags from Lamborghini

Lamborghini has converted the lightweight carbon fiber material that they used for their awesome cars into a luxurious fabric for high-end bags. The slanted finish of the carbon bags is complimented by  hand-mounted studs and palladium finished galvanized brass accessories. The interior is lined with cotton and every detail reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of experts.

The collection is comprised of three different models of carbon bags: a travel soft bag, an envelope bag and a messenger bag, priced at $2,105, $1,234 and $1,524 respectively. While the messenger bag and the envelope one are smaller and ideal for executives, with separate spaces for writing instruments, cell phones and more, the travel bag is slightly larger (20x9x11 inches) and is ideal for short distance travelling. If you like what you see in these pictures, then you’ll have to place your order by telephone (you’ll find the number on,  as these luxe items are not purchasable online.

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