Car Interior Inspiration from Luis Gispert

Car Interior Inspiration from Luis Gispert (4)

Luis Gispert is a talented artist who dedicated the last several years to photographing low riders. This was how he one day came across a very special Cadillac Escalade with a Louis Vuitton-inspired interior by Takashi Murakami, a Japanese artist. The owner of the car did not know who Murakami was, but simply loved the revamped Cadillac.

Gispert decided to start shooting other similar car interiors and thus the “Luis Gispert: Decepcion” photograph collection was born. The artist needed two years to find exhibition-worthy car interiors all across America. And when he found them, he just climbed up on the back seat and used his large format camera to capture the fashion-inspired creations.

Talking about the owners of these vehicles, Gispert said that “They had a level of obsession that I could recognize. Artists feel the same way in their studio as these people do in their garages”. The photography collection will be on display at Mary Boone gallery starting next month. The photographs will be available for purchase in sets of 6, with each priced at $25,000.