Candice Swanepoel, the New Face of Swarovski

From Victoria’s Secret to Swarovski, Candice Swanepoel’s career evolution is definitely not a dull one. The beautiful model has recently become the new face for the spring-summer 2013 campaign by Swarovski. The luxury brand has released a series of photos showing Swanepoel wearing a variety of crystal-embellished accessories, all dazzling and precious.

The pictures were taken by famous Nick Knight OBE, the very founder of SHOWstudio, the award-winning fashion website. In these professional shots one can admire the perfect features of the blonde model, her glam crystal manicure, and the various matching objects, such as crystal-stacked ski goggles, motorcycle helmet, and even dumbbells.

According to Nadja Swarovski, the pictorial is meant to capture the strong features of the contemporary woman. “Beautiful, healthy and strong, she is in charge, and can compete in any way”. Candice Swanepoel and Nick Knight did a wonderful job in showing exactly that!