Cadillac Escalade to Be Refreshed as a 2015 Model

The intimidating Cadillac Escalade definitely has very many admires among luxury buyers. It iss large, it is powerful, and it makes a strong statement. However, according to Cadillac officials, “for everyone turned on by that image, there were four (potential buyers) who were (turned off)”. This, and the fact that the gas prices are nothing to joke about these days, the U.S. automaker was very close to announcing that the Escalade would no longer make it to the production lines.

However, according to, General Motors still sees great potential in this remarkable luxury SUV. Apparently, they are considering upgrading the Escalade and reinforce its message in 2014, as a 1015 model. Together with some engine, body and interior modifications, we also expect some considerable price upsizings in the future.

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