Bring the Mirrorcube to Your Backyard!

TreeHotel’s mesmerizing Mirrorcube can make it on your property! Yes, the fancy hovering structure is now available for order, and if the hotel is ok with the location that you pick for the cube, they will send it to you in four months. You can set it in a living tree, or just suspend it with a special anchoring system.

The structure is made mainly of aluminum (lightweight is an essential quality for a suspended house), and wood, and it is large enough to accommodate up to 4 people. TreeHotel guarantees an excellent functionality of all its features for some three decades. All necessary amenities for comfortable living are ensured. These include inner lighting, bathroom with water-efficient sink and freeze toilet, in-floor electric heating and comfy furniture.

The project was designed by Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård, an architecture brand in Sweden, and it was conceived as a nature-friendly construction. This even means that you won’t have to worry about birds and insects bumping into the mirror walls during their flight. An ingenious solution was found to solve this problem: when the cube is installed, an infrared film is also laid across the surrounding grass. This specter is completely visible for birds, determining them to fly around the Mirrorcube, but it is invisible for the human eye, thus ensuring an uncompromising spectacle of shape and light.

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