Bow Tie Or Neck Tie? When To Wear What

A bow tie or a neck tie? Many people do not know when to put on either of this neckwear. Before we get into the intricacies of when to pick what, let’s look at a brief history of ties.

Croatian soldiers of the 1618-1648 war were the first people to wear ties. They would don the attire on the neck to keep the collars of their shirts together.

French designers borrowed the idea and made neckwear popular with the upper-class citizens in the 18th Century. With time, ties became an integral part of men’s grooming.

Neck ties and bow ties have evolved over the centuries. They are used interchangeably depending on the dress code or event. Wrong neckwear can give you an awkward look, and you might even look ignorant.

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When Do You Pick a Bow Tie or Neck tie?

Below are some rules to follow when selecting a tie to match with your outfit.

When Wearing a Suit

You can’t go wrong with either of the two types of ties when wearing a suit. However, bow ties are less common, and you should pick a neck tie if you find yourself in a dilemma.

Regardless of your choice, you will need to select blending colors and patterns. There isn’t much room for gambling with these elements when wearing a suit.

When Wearing a Tuxedo

In most cases, tuxedos go with formal events or a designated dress code. If you should wear black tie, choose a bow tie.

For laid-back black tie, creative black tie, or semi-formal occasions, you can get yourself a neck tie: select black satin or silk, or a black and white pattern.

Pleated Shirt

There aren’t options if you choose to wear a pleated shirt, which is formal apparel. Since it comes with button studs, accompany it with a bow tie. A neck tie will conceal the studs and ruin the intended look.

No Tie

If you are the fashion-daring type, you could go without a tie – like when you want to look trendy. This will also look great if you have Gucci’s floral motifs. However, you shouldn’t do this in a formal event. You can try the look with a suit.

Tie Selection and Knots

How do you choose a bowtie or a neck tie? Whichever type of neckwear you prefer, look for quality fabric. Cheap material often creases and doesn’t look professional.

Apart from the conventional method of tying a neck tie, explore other exciting knots. Bow ties that aren’t pre-tied require some skill. You want to learn various techniques to stand out from the crowd.

Nowadays, people can interchange neck ties with bow ties and vice versa. You can play with the rules. Personalize your style by pairing a bowtie with a tan suit, for example, or even jeans.

Final Word

So, bow tie or neck tie? Dress codes, whether formal or casual, are continually evolving. Gone are the days when people wore a neck tie to work and a bow tie when in a tuxedo.

Bow ties are increasingly gaining popularity across the fashion industry. A no-tie look is also acceptable in some scenarios. If you care about style, however, observe the rules described in this guide.

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