Blueseed: A Dreamy Floating City in International Waters

Bored of your city-life routine? How about starting a new chapter on a floating city, in international waters? It sounds exotic and very exciting, doesn’t it? The “city”, called Blueseed, will be built on either a converted barge, or a remodeled cruise ship, and it will be large enough to provide comfortable accommodation for about 1,000 people. Leading the project is PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

The location of the vessel (in international waters about12 nautical miles from the Californian coast) is ideal for non-U.S. entrepreneurs to work close to the famous Silicon Valley without worrying about a work visa. This will also prove a great solution for foreign Master’s and PhD graduates who can’t find jobs in the States before being forced to leave the country and head home.

People will have to pay between $1,200 and $3,000 per month to enjoy the living, entertaining and working facilities onboard. It seems that approximately 100 international technology companies are currently interested in becoming Blueseed residents, with the floating city being located just outside of Silicon Valley.

When the Blueseed project will be launched sometime during the third quarter of 2013, we believe it will be populated by numerous brand headquarters and people. Judging by the pictures, it really won’t be difficult at all to be happy in this unique city!

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