Blossom One Limited: World’s Most Expensive Coffee Maker

Remember our post about the world’s most expensive coffee  ? Here’s something that would go just swell with it: the world’s most expensive coffee maker! Called Blossom One Limited, it is an exquisite machine developed by Apple and NASA engineers. This is already an excellent argument to convince you that we are not talking about just any coffee maker here.

It was developed by Jeremy Kuempel, president of Blossom Coffee, and it is intended for commercial use. It is a 7-inch wide machinery made of only high-quality materials and it includes some special high-tech features, such as Wi-Fi connection capability and a 1.3-megapixel camera destined to scan QR codes.

How will this help you? Well, the masterminds behind Blossom One Limited hope that future coffee bags will come with QR codes which will “tell” the machine how to best brew their content. Until then, you can enjoy more present-day  features, such as the water volume control and temperature control systems that will provide a perfect coffee, just how you like it!

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