Blanc 5 Infinity Spa: Elegance and Technology

You like to relax in a Spa, but also want the sensation given by an infinity pool? Now you can have both with the Blanc 5 Infinity Spa, a luxury portable spa that lets the water flow over the walls.

It is the only spa in the world made of fiber glass that is used for the construction of high performance yachts. It features three ergonomic seats and two lounges with 14 miniature power-flow jets and 30 power-flow jets for the hydro-massage.

Blanc 5 Infinity Spa is equipped with a Bluetooth entertainment system which allows you to connect to any electronic device. The sound is produced with transducers instead of the traditional speakers. During the night the LED chromo-therapeutic lighting system offers you a unique experience.

The spa is a combination of technology, luxury and comfort available for $38,000. Just take a look at the photos.

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