Billionaire Clive Palmer Announces His Plans for Titanic II

For all those who were deeply impressed and totally fascinated by the tragic history and majestic proportions of the Titanic, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer plans to recreate the grandeur of the ship in the form of Titanic II – an exact replica that will recreate the magic of the original vessel.

The project includes some absolutely necessary upgrades, both in terms of accommodation and sailing technologies. Cutting edge navigation systems, state-of-the-art safety mechanisms, and modern amenities such a air conditioning and Internet are all part of the plan. This has already convinced over 40,000 people to buy tickets, even though the construction is only expected to end in 2016.

To all those who can’t help but feel a little tensed when thinking about potentially damaging icebergs, Palmer promises a ship with a new safety deck equipped with top-notch lifeboats, slides and safety chutes. The rest of the experience, however, will be as authentic as one can hope for. Guests will wear 1912 fashion, eat foods from the original menus, and sleep in perfect replicas of the original rooms. Even the course of the maiden voyage will be the same: from Southampton, England to New York.

The vessel will be built in Nanjing, China by CSC Jinling Shipyard Company, with construction scheduled to start next month (April, 2013). The project will probably cost around £330 million ($500 million), but you never know what the final bill will say with projects like this. However, we are sure that the investment will be totally worth it, no matter how huge the sum will be.