Bid for the World’s Most Expensive Meal with Warren Buffett

Don’t know what to do to help the homeless and the poor? Try bidding for a meal with billionaire Waren Buffett. While you will enjoy the unique privilege of talking to one of the world’s most successful men, you will also be contributing to charity actions through the Glide Foundation.

This is not the first time that the American business magnate has made time in his busy schedule to meet with people who would pay almost anything for the chance to talk to him. All previous similar events were ‘booked’ with very high prices, but last year’s auction was a new record: over $3.4 million. Consequently, we can only expect this year to be prohibitively expensive as well. The highest bidder will be allowed to invite seven other friends at the charity dinner with Warren Buffett.

If you like the idea of contributing to charity by meeting an important and influential person, then you should check out, where such auctions are usually held.


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