Bid for the Most Expensive Coffee with Tim Cook

The world’s most expensive cup of coffee has actually nothing to do with the origin or flavor of the beans, nor with some special brewing method. What gives it an exorbitant price is actually Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO since 2011.

So where’s the connection between the two? Well, thanks to, one lucky person can enjoy a private meeting with Cook over coffee. For this meeting, candidates have to enter quite the bidding war online, and this is what explains the high price of the ordinary cup of coffee.

The auction will be open until May 14, but according to the Guardian bids were already well above $180,000on April 25. There is no established discussion subject for the exclusive meeting, which made the offer even more appealing to people. It only took 4 hours for bids to soar to $16,000, from the starting bid of $6,000. Eight hours after the auction started, the $100,000 threshold was reached and immediately left behind.

It seems that people really want to pick the brain of the 52 year old CEO, and they are willing to pay good money for that too. Apparently among the many candidates there are also a few executives from rival businesses, including Clearcrate and BlackBerry. Whoever the winning bidder will be, all the money that they will pay for the meeting will go to charity. The initiative is meant to support the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

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