Bentley Unveils New Luxe Products at Geneva Bentley Boutique

In a mesmerizing display of luxury, performance, and advanced technologies, at the Geneva Motor Show, Bentley makes quite a statement with its cars and automotive-inspired accessories. The Bentley Boutique is open at the auto salon, offering a variety of high quality products, ranging from watches and fragrances to ski gear and travel luggage.

We have already talked in another article about the high end fragrances for men developed by Bentley and Lalique,  so let’s just cover a couple of other luxe stuff that the famous brand has released.

The new Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon chronograph is the result of an excellent collaboration between the fabled British automaker and Breitling, the Swiss manufacturer of high end timepieces. As the name clearly indicates, the watch flaunts a carbon-based coating and a dark overall design. The chassis is made of titanium, and the strap is of black rubber for extra comfort and a sportier look. The bezel is meant to evoke Bentley’s radiator grilles, while the dial design is clearly inspired by the cars’ gauge panels. Only 1,000 units will be manufactured, and each one will bear a price tag of $12,000. Powering the watch is a self-winding chronograph movement chronometer.

Ski enthusiasts will be thrilled about the new Bentley poles, skis and bags developed in collaboration with Swiss ski manufacturer Zai AG. For an unrivaled level of durability and performance, the skis have been manufactured with an excellent material combination. They are priced at $10,000 a set.

Finally, a range of stylish luggage was also developed by Bentley for its fans. Hand made by Schedoni of Italy, each piece can be customized according to every client’s needs, in order to perfectly fit in their car. The source of inspiration for the design was – interestingly – the Muslanne’s inner door paneling. A complete set features 2 large cases, 2 small ones, and 2 more foldable bags for your precious clothing items. Such a 6-piece set costs $14.500.