Beneteau Sailboats: All you Need to Know

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The name Beneteau is well-known in yachting circles, as this French boating company was founded in 1884 by Benjamin Beneteau, and today, the holding company of Beneteau Holdings actually owns Jeanneau and Lagoon Catamarans. The company has production facilities in France and the US and over the years, Beneteau have come up with some stunning boat designs, which we will look at in this article.

The Oceanis Series

First launched in 1985, the Oceanis Series starts at 31ft, while the flagship of the range is a 62ft ocean going yacht, with 6 models in between the smallest and largest. Designed by none other than Phillipe Briand, with Jean-Marie Finot the other noted designer that created this amazing ocean-going line of yachts. Whether you want a new or pre-owned Beneteau, an online search will take you to a reputable yacht broker, where you can view details about many Beneteau yachts they have on offer. If you are an intermediate sailor, one of the Oceanis models would be ideal, and the vessels are fast and very comfortable for sailing and cruising alike.

The Oceanis Yacht Series

Very much the flagship of the Oceanis design are the two Oceanis Yacht models, one is 54ft, while the other is slightly larger at 62ft. Luxury is the name of the game with this unique ocean-going yacht that can race with the best. There are both new and pre-owned Oceanis Yachts available, and if you talk to an established yacht broker, they would likely have a few second-hand Oceanis Yacht models for sale, plus they can help you if you prefer a new boat. Here are a few yacht maintenance tips that might help you in the future.

The First Series

Designed with yacht racing in mind, the First Series arrived in 1978, with a 22ft and a 27ft boat designed by Groupe Finot, and we are now into the 7th generation of the First Series, which is a racing style yacht that is equipped for comfortable cruising. The First 14 is the ideal vessel for an absolute beginner, and as you develop your boating skills, you can move up a larger boat, with models of 14,18, 24, 27 and 53ft. The smaller boats are very affordable and great for a family outing, and if you search online for a yacht broker, they would have a few First Series vessels for sale, both new and pre-owned. The Yacht Safety Bureau offers a lot of interesting information about yachting and safe practices.

The Figaro Beneteau 3

This is a very new design that has a keel, and this model was designed by Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prévost, which has completed its sea trials and will shortly be going into production.

The Beneteau vessels have a reputation for the best quality, with attention to detail and sleek lines, these boats are generally regarded as being among the best in the world. There are literally thousands of proud Beneteau owners around the world who regularly sail their vessel

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