Benchmark’s Extraordinary Tool Cabinet

Even though the cabinetmaker profession isn’t exactly the most popular nowadays, any respectable professional should always have a tool set packed with all the necessary screwdrivers, saws and hammers. And while most tool cabinets are usually created exclusively with practicality in mind, a company named Benchmark decided to take things to a more artful level by manufacturing a fabulous tool cabinet of its own.

The cabinet is completely handmade by Benchmark’s artisans, who used a mix of walnut and burr walnut in its creation. The drawers are sycamore dovetailed and feature a light shade of beige that contrasts nicely with the overall dark brown appearance of the set. Apart from the ordinary measuring tools, hammers and screwdrivers, this elegant container also includes a set of Lie Nielsen scrapers as well as several Ashley Iles planes, saws and chisels. All in all, the set looks very well put together and highly organized. You can see it for yourself in the following images.