Beats Pill 24K Black And 24K White Speakers

Famous rapper, producer and entrepreneur Dr. Dre really struck gold with his Beats By Dr. Dre line of products, and even though his company was purchased by Apple a while back for a considerable sum, fans still like to associate the brand with the man who made it a reality. The Beats Pill speaker is perhaps one of the most recognizable products by Beats audio, and courtesy of a firm name Colorware, it recently received a luxurious makeover in the form of the Beats Pill 24K Black And 24K White limited edition.

Each device has been dismantled, painted, masked and buffed for a glistering golden look before being reassembled and packaged with great care in order to ensure that its technical specifications remain intact. Available with either black or white Beats strips, the speakers are limited to 50 units each and cost $399.

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