Beastly Tactical Black Rhyno 700 by Yamaha

The Yamaha Tactical Black Rhyno 700 is an extraordinary little vehicle that is able to tackle even the most unwelcoming driving conditions, whether we’re talking about forests, mountain roads or barren deserts.

The tactical is a special edition of Yamaha’s Rhino 700 model, but it stands out with a completely black paintjob that reflects its aggressiveness and sturdiness. Moreover, this fantastic two-seater is quite impressive as far as performance is concerned, since it was equipped with a 686cc four-stroke engine and with a high-end Ultramatic transmission. The wheels are made out of aluminum but they were cast from a single piece, which greatly improves durability. The interior is equally impressive, flaunting a grippy steering wheel as well as a center-mounted console shifter, a three-point seat belt and a parking brake lever.

You can admire the Tactical version of the Black Rhyno 700 by Yamaha in the following images.