Baseball Cards – A Perfect Investment

There are baseball fan(atics) all over the world and especially in America. For these guys simply playing the game is not enough. Their passion urges them to collect various baseball-related items, visit sports museums, never miss a game when their team is playing and dedicate a wall in their room to their favorite player.

We’re sure you are also familiar to this other way of expressing your dedication to baseball: collecting baseball cards. Back in the 19th century, when this craze first started, baseball cards were something special indeed, but not nearly as special as they are today. And here is another word for “special”: extremely expensive.

This leads us to a major question. Are these rich collectors really die-hard baseball fans, or just very clever investors? Let us explain ourselves. A rare baseball card’s price can vary from several hundred dollars to even millions! For instance, in a top ten most expensive cards, the cheapest would probably be a Mickey Mantle, with a price tag of about $160,000, while the most expensive one is the T206 Honus Wagner which experts believe that could be sold for some $3 million today. We even heard of a Babe Ruth that could make your pocket about $5 million lighter.

Now it doesn’t take a genius’ mind to realize that baseball cards are much more than nice collectibles. Did you know that a Wagner rookie card’s value grew from $451,000 to $3 million in less than 10 years? Knowing this we can’t help but become a little skeptic when an alleged

devoted fan spends money like there’s no tomorrow on such a card. It might just be that their passion for money is far greater than their love for baseball.

But who could blame them? We bet that if we had the chance we’d do just the same. But the only drawback for us average people is that it takes money to make money…

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle baseball card.

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