AwesomeAudi Motorrad Concept Motorcycle

During its Auto Union time, Audi was associated with a very impressive number of motorcycle designs. In the present, however, we only see four-wheel vehicles coming out of the German luxury automaker’s plants. Gladly, someone was inspired by the brand’s history and decided to come up with a contemporary motorcycle design that would be worthy of the four-circle logo.

French designer Thibault Devauze has been working on this new project in his spare time since 2012, assisted by his brother Marcandmodeler Clement Couvreur. The idea came to him after a visit to the Audi Museum, where they wassurprised to see so many bikes in the heritage of the brand”. Devauze also said that since Audi’s main competitor was BMW, a car maker as well asan active motorcycle-manufacturer, it seemed only natural that Audi would consider producing two-wheelers too.

The name of the project is Audi Motorrad Concept, and it boasts a sleek design. In its makers’ vision, the bike had to be powered by Ducati-derived 850cc, L-Twin cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder, Desmodromic 2-cylinder engine, and it needed to be fitted with a dual-clutch gearbox. Lightweight materials were also a must for this concept, so advanced alloys and carbon fiber were used all over the Audi Motorrad. Check out the result in the gallery below.