Awesome Wireless AudioBulbs from GiiNii

Installing your very own sound system has never been easier! Thanks to GiiNii, you can forget about the hassle of figuring out where to hide wires when you install speakers all around the room. No more drilling holes into the walls to run wires. Actually, no more wires at all!

The new AudioBulbs are incredibly easy to use and work wirelessly throughout your home. All the skills you need to install this system come down to this: know how to put a light bulb into its socket. Yes, it is that simple: you just plug the AudioBulbs into a regular socket and start enjoying your favorite music as well as four different levels of light.

You can control as many as eight bulbs in two different zones, which means that while you listen to your music in a dim light in your room, your kids can have a good night’s sleep in complete silence and darkness in their own room – cool, huh? Available on Amazon, the bulbs can stream from any mobile device through a wireless connection.