Awesome Sarthe Supercar from Vencer Scheduled for Salon Privé

A new supercar is getting ready to conquer the market. Called Sarthe, it is a remarkable project developed by Dutch automaker Vencer, who has promised to unveil the new goodie this fall at the London Salon Privé.

Expect a lightweight beast with a high grade tubular steel chassis with chrome-molybdenum elements and aluminum honeycomb floor, as well as a carbon fiber body and an excellent weight distribution: 55% rear, 45% front. Inside this perfect housing, which is both very light and extremely resistant, the engineers placed an 8-cylinder engine behind the driver.

With a little help from the 6-speed MT transmission, the car can reach 60 mph in only 3.8 seconds and then keep pushing until it gets to the maximum speed of 202 mph. Vencer will only produce this baby in a limited number, but exactly what “low volume” means will probably only be unveiled in September, at the big launching event. Price is also currently unknown.

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