Awesome Opera Camper for Luxury Camping

Inspired by the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Opera Camper is a wonderful new camping concept by Axel Enthoven of Enthoven Associates. What you see in the gallery below is a luxury camper that can help you enjoy the outdoors without compromising on comfort.

The amenities you will enjoy with this smart vehicle include two oak beds that can be easily slid together by simply pushing a button. A compact yet very practical kitchen is also part of the deal with a 36-liter top-loading fridge and even cold/hot running water! Also essential for an enjoyable trip is a fully functional toilet and a shower, so you will get these too with the Opera Camper.

There is a corian fountain in the vehicle, fitted with a pull-out faucet, which can be used for fun and refreshing outdoor showering. The teak veranda calls you out to enjoy nature, working like an organic extension of the vehicle towards the outdoors and providing a seamless transition from your shelter to nature. Other conveniences include hot air heating, low-energy LED lighting, an espresso bar and a wine cabinet.

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