Awesome Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart Concept

This is the kind of golf cart that can make players fall in love with golfing all over again. People have been long associating luxury and style with the game, so it was about time someone made a significant improvement in the design of the mini vehicles as well.

Among the very few who have seen the need for more inspiring cart designs is one of the world’s most beloved high-end automaker: Mercedes-Benz. At the 2103 British Open, the German brand unveiled the futuristic Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart, a fresh concept that you can’t help but love. Especially because the vehicle will also be road-legal, making it suitable for both grass and asphalt driving.

Naturally, the concept goes beyond the classic functionality of golf carts and introduces a series of features that every technology enthusiast will adore. An iPad located on the center console will provide the controls for the car, keep the driver connected to the club house, upload scorecard online, check the weather, and even post pictures from the course.

When things get too hot – literally – golfers can take a short break from the hot sun into the techy cart and enjoy the refreshing air conditioning. Another feature that we really like is the solar-charging system on the roof, a detail that makes the concept very appealing to nature enthusiasts as well.