Awesome JetSurf for Engine-Powered Wave Riding

The downside of surfing is that you need nature to be in a “let’s have fun” mood, otherwise you can’t find any good waves to ride. For those lazy days when everything is still but your spirit, the JetSurf is an awesome solution for your need for speed on water.

JetSurf is a gas-powered surfboard available in three different configurations, each promising high levels of fun and adrenalin. You don’t need any special permits to ride it, and you don’t need any waves either. Even on a still lake, this board is bound to thrill you every day.

The most exciting version is the Pro Race board with a 100cc engine and a race-optimizer carburetor, followed by the mid-range 100cc Factory model, and then the Ultra Sport version with an 86cc, two-stroke engine.