Awesome iXoost iPod Docking Station

Fascinated by how awesome a ‘music’supercars can make with their high-performance exhaust systems? Well, how about taking things to the next level and making those chromed pipes actually play real music, right off your new iPod?

Thanks to an awesome design by Micro Pecorari from Modena and a flawless execution of Matteo Panini, the innovative iXoost docking station isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before. The piece was crafted with real exhaust pipes, exactly like those that are actually used in cars. The quirky asymmetrical design makes it an awesome centerpiece in any music and car aficionado’s home.

Highly customizable, the iPod docking station can represent your favorite type of motorization: a V8, a V10 or a V12. Every unit is carefully crafted by hand and the final result is faultless. Prices vary from $6,550 to $8,920, with the least expensive being the V8 model, and the priciest one being the more intricate V12.

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