Awesome Corvette ZR1 by TIKT

This Corvette ZR1 is a stunning project by TIKT, a German aftermarket specialist. The car boasts intimidating good looks and amazing performance, thanks to some very serious modifications in the powerplant and aerodynamics departments.

Thanks to its remapped ECU, modified supercharger, and new exhaust, the car is now 120 hp and 67 lb-ft more powerful than before. Its new output figures are truly impressive: 758 hp and 671 lb-ft of torque. All this extra power required a series of changes in the engine, including stronger valve springs, new cylinder heads and camshaft, a larger throttle valve, and an improved cooling system.

There is also a number of very appealing exterior changes, such as a new front bumper with massive air intakes, a front splitter, new fenders, side skirts, and a huge carbon fiber rear wing. Tripple X (this is how TIKT called the car) also features new lightweight alloys, racing shock absorbers, and lowered suspensions: 50 mm lower at the front and 30 mm lower at the rear.

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