Awesome Big Wheel Trike for Adults

Admit it: you always get kind of jealous when you see your kids hopping onto their fun trikes and pedaling away to wherever they want to (usually down some hill). We’ve all seen too many videos with adults trying to cram their behinds into tiny little seats in a hilarious attempt to recapture childhood, and they all end the same way: with all those who watch laughing hysterically.

So High Roller USA decided to help parents avoid looking goofy and having lame accidents on their kids’ tricycles.  Their solution? The awesome Big Wheel Trike for adults! It is designed to face the abuse of a 6’ 6” person weighing 275 pounds, being equipped with metallic heavy duty frame and a giant 26” front wheel with aluminum alloy rim wrapped in rubber tire. And as a reminder of childhood happy days, the handlebar even comes with colored tassels and a bell!